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EACSI innovation nights

Welcome to the home of Kampala Innovation Nights a "Community Cooking Pot". Invite us to your space and we could get to have an EACSI Innovation Night at your spot.

Talk to us to have an Innovation Night at Yours

We work with partners to extend the knowledge filled innovation nights experience, our partners donate space, furniture, WiFi, and at times drinks

Innovation Nights at Your Spot

EACSI Innovation Nights are continuosly expanding!  We're looking for local organizations and individuals to run EACSI Innovation Nights in their community! We think every community needs an Innovation Night.  How about yours?

EACSI Innovation Nights include Kampala Innovation Nights and Campus Innovation Nights; these are simple grassroots events that help local entrepreneurs and innovators get more visibility for their product launches at national, international, and university platforms.

EACSI  Innovation Nights is a network designed to support the Innovation community – in any industry.  Every month 10 companies launch new products at a local event and the social media community comes out to support their local entrepreneurs.  In a single night, a local Innovation Night can generate hundreds of tweets, blog posts, online video and pictures, LinkedIn status posts and Facebook Likes. The events support SEO strategies with the creation of dozens of mentions, links and website traffic.
We are gradually building strength after strength as we launch more Innovation Nights Spaces and launch new products, your space could join our family.

At EACSI if you got an idea we help make your idea the greatest there can be.
Through the innovation nights we facilitate the product and brand awareness through product launches

  • We catalyse the potential for new products to sell as we utilise our social media community to spread the word.
  • We help see to it that new companies dont just start and die out shortly, we see them through to growth as they keep getting back to get expert advice.
  • We see to it that we create jobs through the network of partners and companies we work with from scratch.
  • We work with our partners to see to it that we journey through transformation and recreate through and through with our companies.

EACSI Innovation Nights are designed to provide low/no cost opportunities for companies in all industries to interact with the social media community and each other.  Hosted by local teams, the model is a “friction-less” one, making it as easy as possible for the companies.  There is no cost/little to exhibit and the companies generate visibility for the event collectively, benefiting everyone.

The events are also great networking opportunities for the attendees who “contribute’ their networks.  Attendees are usually members of the local social media community – the Twitterati, the social media marketing mavens, but also service providers, investors, engineers & designers, students, media, and job seekers.  Together the crowd helps pump up the volume.  The goal is to make some noise on behalf of the local companies – “if you see something ‘cool’, blog about it, tweet about or just tell someone.”

Meanwhile, each local event needs a Host or Coordinator.  This role is perfect for local agencies – public relations, advertising, social media marketing, event coordinators or party planners but also VCs, angel investors, local economic development offices, etc.    Perhaps you are involved with a local museum, community center or other venue that would like to raise its visibility.  The role is a magnet for Innovation Economy movers and shakers.


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Designed & Developed by PHENMA Ventures


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