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At EACSI, we believe in the absurdity of an idea to craft a great idea
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Inspiring Social Innovation

This is The EACSI Way
Ideological Groups at EACSI help inventors, innovators and idealist produce a hybrid of someones idea, when these converge, they are bound by Non disclosure agreements before they can embark on any discussion

EACSI Innovation Nights

"The Community Cooking Pot"

"EACSI Innovation Nights are are a community cooking pot of activities where everyone adds to creation of a new recipe; personalities with a diversity of skills, expertise, race and colour come together in a single space to craft solutions that solve the problems of today and the future with brilliant and ground breaking ideas.

On every EACSI Innovation Night; Engineers, Doctors, Students, Young People, Seniors, Teachers, Inventors, Innovators, Idealists, Investors, Sponsors... name it, all come together with one goal to craft new ideas, contribute to making an idea even better and ultimately impact society positively while at it. Our innovation nights include; the Kampala Innovation Nights which is our maiden event and the Campus Innovation Nights which are a mushroom of events held at institutions of higher learning that are aimed at showcasing innovations, inventions, ideas and prototypes from university students, these draw in participants from institutions of higher learning across East Africa.

Social Innovation!

What is that anyway?

"What is social innovation? At East African Center for Social Innovation we define social innovation as "all the things done by individuals who seek to make a difference that change the way society operates and aim to positively impact society by radically changing the status quo.

It is this spirit that binds us to work together in chorus to seek for new ideas, inventions, and innovations. We want to create solutions that facilitate the future by sustainably solving the existent problems of today while making an attempt at solving the problems of the future - We call that 'The Martian Insurance'; perhaps mars would not be the red cold planet today but rather the go to destination next to earth!


We know that when an idea is founded on the principle of changing the lives of people, to empower people to empower themselves and others, and create a continuous value chain where an idealist, innovator and entrepreneur is empowered to empower another. If anything is founded on such a premise, then society will follow through in supporting its existence and prosperity.

Our Initiatives

"Initiative on Cities"

"EACSI Social Initiatives are our community footprint! We work relentlessy to make a difference in the communities around us to make a positive impression that changes the current status quo. Our Cities are suffocating as a result of failure to tap into the innovative mindsets of the inhabitants of these particular towns and cities.

We can make our Cities habitable as we work in close embrace with the authorities, our goal here is to tap the diverse knowledge of the equally diverse perosnalities that inhabit the City. Initiative on Cities works as a think tank for innovative ways to make the City habitable for all.


People | Participation | Partnership

we value people; they are the very reason we opt to inspire social innovation.


We value an active global citizenry, one that does not innovate and create in the mindset of boundaries. One that conjoins us into a single entity, – ‘a community cooking pot’ where we engage in discourse and everyone serves everyone thus creating grand solutions to problems of today and the future.


We work with local and international partners who help us to scale up and uplift our social innovation startup ecosystem.

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Kampala, Uganda, East Africa
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Designed & Developed by PHENMA Ventures


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