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Initiative on Cities

Help us build your city, a city will only be made great if its inhabitants take part in the processes that define it

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"Initiative On Cities - [iNOC]"

What Makes a Great City?

The iNOC Mission

The mission of the Initiative on Cities is to research, promote, and advance the adaptive urban leadership strategies and policies necessary to support cities as dynamic centers of inclusive economic growth and sustainable development in the 21st century.

Areas of Focus

Advancing Urban Leadership

We seek to understand and address the most pressing leadership challenges facing mayors, on issues ranging from governance to infrastructure, poverty, equity, health and sustainability. We convene current and former elected officials, academics, and business and nonprofit leaders to co-engineer solutions.

Promoting Research in Practice

We unlock the knowledge of the leadership and research community by catalyzing and supporting highly impactful, multi-discipline urban research, hosting critical conversations that showcase the breadth of our community’s urban academic expertise, fostering multi-discipline exchange of ideas, and connecting faculty to external collaborators.

Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders

We seek to inspire the next generation of civic leaders in East Africa by providing forums and professional opportunities that connect undergraduate and graduate students to urban challenges, both domestic and international.
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Through the Initiative on Cities, we engage with urban leaders, academics, and policy makers from Uganda, East Africa and around the world to help plan for the development of essential services and sustainable infrastructure necessary for cities to flourish. In the wake of new cities in uganda this discourse can not be more relevant for the times.

Discourse On Cities
Raising A City: Building a Winning City Versus Building A Losing City

In October (date to be confirmed), The Initiative On Cities [iNOC] will host a panel talk with Mayors of newly created cities and inclusive the Mayor of Kampala to have a discourse on what it takes to build a great city learning from the challenges of Kampala City from the time of its creation to where it stands now, - what have been the challenges to its growth, what was done wrong and what can be done right that new cities follow a better path. Why Do Cities Lose and even More, lets understand; Why Do Cities Win, - Let's look at the case studies and have a discourse on how best we can balance the politics from the service delivery to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Crime - Enforcement and Bi-Laws: The Rule and Integrity of Law in a City

A good city is one which should be responsive to its inhabitants, to protect the people and their belongings. We want to draw in all stakeholders of enforcement to see to craft pathways in which the cities are harmonised for the people that own them. A great city should be able to harvest the incidence of crime and also ensure the rule of law as they incarcerate the wrong doers but also ensure that true justice is  being served in the due process with absolute lntolerance to kangaroo court systems and incidences of "I am the Law, and The Law Is Me". Look out for this discourse.

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