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At EACSI, we believe in the absurdity of an idea to craft a great idea
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EACSI Innovation Nights

About  EACSI Innovation Nights
Our mission is to stimulate, inspire and raise a citizenry of integrative social innovators and a generation of new ideas, models and inventions to solve the critical social issues of all spheres in our communities while pivoting people at the heart of all we do.
EACSI Innovation Nights are a "Community Cooking Pot" kind of event and the the life blood of the East African Center for Social Innovation (EACSI). It all started in June, 2016 as a replica of the Mass Innovation Nights (USA). EACSI Innovation Nights have evolved to have an identity of its own with the innovative ideas that have been 'cooked up' through the years.

We work through a cloud of the internet of things and with various partners to arrange monthly events designed to help local innovators, idealists, inventors, and investors to connect with each other as we build a value chain that benefits all stakeholders. Every month during our signature events which are namely; "Kampala Innovation Nights, and Campus Innovation Nights" we work with various partners where we hold events which are characterised by product and company launches, idea pitches and investor relations, as well as workshops and presentations.

Each month ten innovators/inventers and or companies bring new products to the event and the social media community turns out to blog, tweet, post pictures and
video, add product mentions to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest statuses among others, and otherwise help spread the word. In the last four years, EACSI Innovation Nights have helped us to:
-- Launch Products for Innovators and Companies
-- Connect innovators to investors
-- Connect job seekers and employers
-- Profile dozens of local experts as well as;
-- Launch Innovation Nights events in universities and cities. Get started with an innovation night at your location!
At EACSI, We believe in active patriotic citizenry as we observe that it is this quality that enables nations nurture people that serve the goals of today and tomorrow.

We believe in creating sustainable innovations that pay attention to potential aspects that could lead to destruction of the environment
Held every month, Kampala Innovation Nights and Campus Innovation Nights happen every first Friday and and last Saturday of the month respectively; EACSI Innovation Nights often follow the following structure;
  1. Registration and Networking   : 6:00 P.M
  2. Presentations (Experts, Product Launchers, Innovators, Idealists, Inventers, and Investors)   : 7:00 P.M
  3. Live Events (These include product launches that allow innovators and companies to show their products -- you must be an East African resident to launch a product)   : 9:00 P.M
  4. There are also Ideology Groups where like minded teams have one-on-one conversations with each other to craft ideas to make societies work for the better (these include; discourse on climate change, policy issues, business climate, bills of law, political transformation and democracy, human rights etc.   : 10:00 P.M
  5. Networking  (The Community Cooking Pot) - our guests meet, chat, network, blog, post, and share their experiences on social media and on some occassions have a cocktail courtesy of our sponsors and partners.   : 11:00 P.M
  6. Departure 12:00 A.M

EACSI Innovation Nights are strictly "Non-Partisan" events held on site at various venues from partners who donate their space (and often sponsor our events) to further the cause of local East African innovation. We encourage equal and unbiased discourse, "we want to create solutions - we do not want to be part of the problem." We are a non for-profit civil society organisation registered as a (non for-profit) company limited by guarantee (under section 18(3) of the companies Act 2012). We’ve held events at the offices of Google, Huawei, MTN, Airtel, Africell, NWSC, UMEME, PHENMA Ventures, Government Ministries, Nurture Africa, URA, CAA and various Religious Establishments like churches and Mosques, as well as other private and public venues.

East African Center for Social Innovation
EACSI Innovation Nights are a "Community Cooking Pot" event. Look at it this way! Various strangers meet up, each with a particular recipe and skill set that thye bring to the table, everyone has the ability to contribute and bring us all to a grand new recipe. We are all hungry and yearning for this new grand and delicious meal, it is a masterpiece made out of a diversity of ideologies, opinions, race, tribe, political affiliation, beliefs etc.

We are all hungry and yearning! Everyone has something to share; "so we all get along and get to it, 'one brings the curry', 'the other brings the vegetables', while 'others lend their prowess to make the mixture', and 'that is when we together create a fire', 'we ignite the fire and set it burning'. Soon everyone in the community has contributed "just a little something" and everyone sits down to enjoy this grand new meal and we all feast to it.

Join the community cooking pot at Kampala Innovation Nights organised by East African Center for Social Innovation
EACSI Innovation Nights are a "Community Cooking Pot". Someone has a space where we can hold an event, with tables and wireless. Other companies have new products to promote, others are social media gurus who can create a major buzz while others donate a few hours of their time and expertise. Eventually; everyone is benefiting from the wonderful event we create together.

44 Bolton st, Apt. 02453 Waltham,Massachusetts

Kampala, Uganda, East Africa
Nkrumah Road, Uganda
(+256) 322 400 787
(+256) 775 504 493

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Designed & Developed by PHENMA Ventures


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