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EACSI Events

At EACSI we try to work at creating opportunity for all kinds of people in society as we look at various challenges of society and seek solutions to those challenges of society

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The Power of Knowledge:

EACSI Innovation Nights are a grassroots "Community Cooking Pot" events designed to help local startups who have little to no marketing budget, we welcome all companies with new products - large and small.

Our mission is to stimulate, inspire and raising a citizenry of integrative social innovators and a generation of new ideas, models and inventions to solve the critical social issues of all spheres in our communities while pivoting people at heart of all we do.

We want to connect local entrepreneurs with a wider audience through social media. While our primary goal is visibility for our product launchers, we want to do everything we can to support the local East African innovation ecosystem.

We move around the area, going where someone will host us at low or no cost; we do have sponsors and hosts who help defray our costs. EACSI Innovation Nights are not a "fancy" event (sometimes there is food and drink courtesy of our sponsors), but they are largely an event where we maximize our time together for networking, connecting and promoting new local products for the benefit of all involved in the local innovation community.

EACSI Innovation Nights are "Community Cooking Pot"; they are only successful because you make them successful. To keep things rolling along, we need your help. Make sure you spread the word about the event itself: Tweet, blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or just tell someone. Then, on the night of the event, look around. See all those nice people with new products and amazing innovations? Find one (or more) you like and help them spread the word. Tweet about it, blog about it, upload a status, upload a picture - a web link or a video, or just tell someone. With your help, we're supporting innovators and their products.
How It Goes Down

5:00 - 6:00 PM - Networking & Table Top Demos
6:00 - 7:30 PM - Hosts, Sponsors & Experts kick off the night and then 4 five-minute pitches from our favorite 10 products (Pitchers are selected based on both the online vote and our expert selections).
7:30-8:30 PM - Back to Networking & Table Top Demos
8:30 PM - To the (pave your own way) After-party

44 Bolton st, Apt. 02453 Waltham,Massachusetts

Kampala, Uganda, East Africa
Nkrumah Road, Uganda
(+256) 322 400 787
(+256) 775 504 493

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Designed & Developed by PHENMA Ventures


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